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Listening Ears


Destroy has always had a bit of an impulsive side to him.

From out of nowhere you’ll hear a primal yell. You’ll feel the walls shudder around you; what was once order will suddenly become a cacophony of chaos – disarray resulting from a category 5 hurricane muppet. Toys strewn in his wake surrender to the playroom battlefield as a 38-pound Godzilla conquers the northeast end of his home. Continue reading


The Nanny Diaries

Unlike the manic Monday misery most people feel at the start of each week, Monday is fun-day for the muppets.

Our nanny, Holly, is officially attached to the boys. And boy, do they love her – she’s fascinating, fun and oh so entertaining. For several weeks, Search has greeted Holly with a big grin. This past week, the three of them had a little chat.

Hi. Ink. And arf.