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Wineconed Wednesday – Easter Edition

It’s Holy Week. Or, if you don’t subscribe to that particular theme of afterlife happenings, it’s just about time for CHOCOLATE BUNNIES!

Just about a decade ago (good grief did time go by quickly), my grandmother and I decided to tackle Lent together. We gave up chocolate. The night before Easter, I stayed up until midnight – watching the seconds tick by until the moment I could maim my milk chocolate rabbit and devour his ears.

I’m looking forward to those ears. That’s right – I’m staring you down golden-foiled See’s bunny. Continue reading


Happy Days are Here

The muppets had a good day. This morning, I asked Jon how they were. He replied, “Smiley.”

And they are! Destroy responds best to “mawwww,” while Search appears to giggle at “bibbity booos.”

As a new mom, one of the most common coy premonitions of veteran moms was – just wait until you see them smile. It melts your heart.

Far be it from me to keep that joy from you. For your viewing pleasure, I present Destroy’s first smile caught on camera. Whether it takes you back to when you had your own little ones or just gives you unexplained warm fuzzies because babies are cute – there’s something to be said for the pure unadulterated joy a smiling muppet can share.