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Office Space: The Devilish Details of My Job


I don’t talk about work here often. Mostly because some of my work peeps occasionally read my blog. (<waves> Hi work people.) And also because that could be considered poor form.

But sometimes events occur so egregious that they must be documented. Continue reading


What I Do…

You may have seen the “What I Do” meme floating around. I saw Professors, Stay-at-Home Moms, Stage Managers, IT peoples. But no PR. And if ever there was a profession where people give you blank stares, it’s mine.

So I made one.


I Swore I’d Never Do This

Here’s the deal. I work in PR before coming home to wow you all as a mommy blogger.

Most of you (with the exception of a few former-agency friends *waves at Edelman*) have absolutely no idea what I do. This includes the people who raised me, married me, and the vast majority of people who currently work with me. Continue reading

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