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The Bane of Banned Books


Haven’t you heard?
It’s all about the word.
We have a need to read, to help our brain’s exceed and lead.
Agreed? Proceed – let your mind be freed. Just pick a book and take a look.
Imagination. An educational donation of narration elation.

Banned books are back in the news. And this time the villain is none other than the evil Dr. Suess. Continue reading


Through the Eyes of a Child

The following conversation just happened:

Search: <singing> ITSY SPIDER! ITSY SPIDER

Me: Oh! Are we singing Itsy Bitsy Spider? <I start singing.>

Destroy: No, mommy. Continue reading


Imaginative Lives of Others

The muppets had energy oozing out of their pores. So we decided to go for a family hike.

Two hours. Two miles. But fear not future park patrons! Nary a rock remains on any part of the dirt trail we canvassed this afternoon. (Back at our homestead, our washing machine began quaking across the garage in anticipatory fear of the quarry bounty now stored in all the tiny pockets.) Continue reading


Blue Horse, Blue Horse What Do You See?

My dad does not believe that tiny people can comprehend a concept until after they’ve experienced it in real life. I believe nothing could be further from the truth.

As we read Eric Carle’s “Brown Bear Brown Bear,” GrampaStavo tossed the book aside with disdain. “Oh come on,” he lamented. “I understand the white dog and black kitten, but it’s not like they know what the rest of these are yet.”

So if anyone out there knows a blue horse we can introduce the muppets too… Continue reading