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Leaving on a Jet Plane


I could hear the boys squirming in bed long before the alarm went off. I rolled over to drowsily check the video monitor; Destroy had located his die-cast toy plane and was flying it around the perimeter of his pillow.

The moment permission to arise was granted the two were up like a shot – rocketing into our room abuzz with pre-flight excitement. Each muppet received a personalized backpack and was informed they could bring one toy in their carry-on.

From the kitchen I heard Jon explain, “No, you probably shouldn’t bring the hacksaw. The security people won’t like that.”

Plastic weaponry denied, breakfast consumed and an ungodly amount of baggage and it was time to embark upon our adventure. Continue reading


Top Gun (or It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s…oh. Yeah, it’s a plane)


I was sitting at my desk, plunking away at my keyboard like a good little worker bee when my boss appeared in my cube.

“Whatcha doing tonight?”

Bracing myself for the worst, but thinking if I had to work late I’d at least get to eat warm food that hadn’t been pawed by tiny peeps (because I was totally going to demand to be fed – corporate America and toddlers, not so different really), I asked why. Continue reading