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Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of Mistaken Identity

Teacher: Where is… Emma?

Emma: <Giggles and points to self>

Teacher: Where is…Jamison?

Jamison: <Giggles and points to self>

Teacher: Where is…Destroy?

Destroy: <Confused look> Hi!

Teacher: Where is Destroy? Are you Destroy?

Destroy: <Looks thoughtfully at his teacher, toddles over toward Search>

Search: Sigh. <Points forcefully at Destroy with exasperated expression>

Destroy: <Happily points back at Search>

Teacher: That’s Search. *You’re* Destroy.

Destroy: No. Brother.


Wedding Sneak Peek

Yesterday my brother got married. Goodness knows my family needed another girl. Here’s a quick peek at the extravaganza.  Continue reading

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Oh Brother

Tomorrow my baby brother is getting married.

A year and a half ago he called me; I answered from my hospital bed. “Don’t freak out. But I have something to share.” (For those interested, never a good idea to request a bedridden, hospitalized, highly hormonal pregnant mother of multiples to not “freak out.” It’s not going to go your way.) Continue reading

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