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Diagram of a Frigid Room


It’s been freezing. At least at night. The heater in our house is set to a chilly 65 fire-up, ever since I had a tantrum and staged a one-woman war against PG&E. Outside there was even hail. That is frozen rain. (Shut up all you non-Californians who have actually experienced snow/sleet/freezing rain.)

And also my feet were freezing; therefore it was cold. Continue reading


The Naptime Rebellion

Destroy was determined to be one of the ringleaders in the (now-quelled) preschool nap rebellion. (I maintain this shows fabulous leadership potential.) Our hero was spirited off to the Chateau D’If to serve out his sentence. (Ok fine, he got moved to another classroom where there were less small people to incite.)

So coincidence or no that this was also the first week the little men transitioned to Big Boy beds? You decide.

Today was the first Big Boy bed nap attempt. Ladies and gentlemen – the sheen is far dulled during daylight hours. Continue reading


Big Boy Beds

Yesterday morning, when we went to raise our little apocalyptic horsemen from their angelic slumber, we discovered Destroy perfecting his pommel horse routine upon the railing of his crib.

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