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The Perils of Blogging

Facebook Page 1

This afternoon, my email pinged with new notification.

Hello I know you don’t know me and this may sound a little creepy but there is a fake profile on Facebook using pictures of your sons from your blog. This girl added me a while ago and i couldn’t help but think she was fake, I searched on of her pictures of her so called twins and your blog came up. I just thought you should know that someone was using pictures of your children to pass as their own so her is her information if you would like to say anything to her. Continue reading


Because Apparently This Does Not Go Without Saying

(Warning: This post contains language not meant for polite society. But it is totally warranted.)

(Note to self: Never again think, “I’m not going to blog tonight. I have nothing to say so I’ll just read.” You’ll end up in a situation forcing you to respond to yourself, “Well, shit. Now I’ve got to write this down.) Continue reading