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Parents You See at the Preschool Parade Pickup A-Z

We’re working on the ABCs with the muppets. As you can see, we’re missing some. But we’re moving forward – and it’s part of the ongoing curriculum at school.

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The ABCs of Raising a 3-Year-Old


When the muppets were born, they were indoctrinated to a cold, cruel, gravity-filled world. Instead of smiling alligators, bumble bees, and caterpillars adorning nursery walls in bold primary colors, their first ABCs were the red beeping alarms of apnea and bradycardia episodes in an intensive care isolette.

Now they’re closing in on age 3. And causing trouble. Yesterday I got pulled into the principal’s office. Because one of my little ones was spending a bit too much time in THE OFFICE. We’ve been observing and discussing next steps. Our new ABCs are antecedents, behavior, consequence.

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