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Destroy-Star of the Week

Each week one member of Search and Destroy’s preschool class is selected to be STAR OF THE WEEK. It is only fair I share such an honor with you.

I remember the excitement of these things when I was their age. (I believe it was Special Helper back when I was a wee kinder.) We even got a special paper cut out badge pinned to our shirts. The muppets get a whole poster dedicated to their fantastic little persons.

The week of March 10 is “All About Destroy!”

*Note – I transcribed all of the replies directly. Search then helped me assemble the posters. Destroy had lost interest by the time it came to decorate, instead choosing to throw a tantrum on the floor regarding his disinterest in the potty. This part is not on the poster.

I am 3 years old.
Almost 4 actually – three months left to go until the boys got their holidays confused and arrived on Memorial Day instead of Labor Day.

My favorite color is blue.
It used to be green. But that may have had more to do with the colors I assigned to them in the NICU – green for Destroy, blue for Search. Also the poster is outlined in blue. This may have influenced his moldable young mind.

My favorite animal is an elephant.
This is another flexible reply (although he stated his preference for the pachyderm quite a few times). The boys do love the zoo, and have seen elephants at one of them (Oakland Zoo). They have also recently watched the Disney classic Dumbo, which, with its hallucinogenic “elephants on parade” sequence, is probably perfect for stimulating the mind of a preschooler.

Anyone else think the goal of an acid trip is to return to the simpler times of youth and innocence, where everything in the world was wondrous? Just me? Right then. But I digress…

My favorite food is chicken nuggets.
I am aware this makes me sound like a neglectful parent that relies on fast food.

1)    What kid *doesn’t* love breaded and mashed chicken parts made to resemble prehistoric monsters?

2)    It’s his favorite because it’s a rare treat.

3)    I may lie and say it’s chicken nuggets any time a meal may look semi-similar.

Besides, he also eats salad and broccoli. I think his actual favorite is berries, of which he can shove mass quantities into his mouth until he resembles a chipmunk and I have to sternly remind him to chew and swallow.

This is what I look like.

Destroy Star

My family.

Captured by Violet_08-29-13_stream 01

The Lake House is my favorite place.

GrammaJ and PapaStavo have a house in the San Bernardino Mountain community of Lake Arrowhead. Here they run amuck and cause great chaos. There is also a boat to ride on during the summer months and the privilege to stay up REALLY late to watch fireworks on the Fourth of July. PapaStavo also always suggests ice cream.

The only other place that I can imagine my sweet darling naming as his favorite is anywhere he’s not supposed to be, which I imagine is a difficult concept for a 3-year-old to express on an “All About Me” poster.

When I grow up, I want to be a fireman Sully.

Halloween 2013_10-31-13_03
“Yay! A fireman!” Destroy proudly proclaimed when I initially asked his thoughts on a future occupation. But nary a second after I inked his future in public safety on the poster, the little man flipped out. He made it exceedingly clear he had no love for fire fighting. In fact, he was going to be Sully, the big blue monster!

Ok then. Have you seen Monsters, Inc? They harness the power of children (first screams, later laughter). I do not deny my son is a perfect candidate of exponential renewable energy – so maybe he really is on to something here.

Besides, when I was his age, I wanted to be a Cement Mixer.

My favorite thing to do is run and jump.
Pretty close to the “anywhere I’m not supposed to be” concept. Destroy can’t sit still; he is often found flailing about and falling off of things. But then again, we are speaking about a child who climbed before he crawled.

If I had one wish, I would wish for a trip to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Due to his utter terror of physical costumed characters, let’s assume he’s referring to his prized television show. Oh young son, this is a wish I can grant! Poop in the potty and the wealth of cartoon Disney Jr. episodes are yours for the taking!

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  1. Nancy Welker Caracciolo

    Sully – A much better future occupation than my choice. Rewind to preschool graduation, me clad in paper gown and cap. When questioned about what I wanted to be when I grew up? …….. I said into the microphone……”Casper the Friendly Ghost”. My parents shrank in the audience and my TV viewing seemed to be curtailed after that.
    Side note: In a weird twist of fate, I got my wish. When at the beach or Lake, I am SHOCKINGLY WHITE. A shade of white I now refer to as Casper White”

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