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GrammaJ hung out with the muppets while Jon and I made a quick getaway.

Mid-grandmothering, she received a call from UCLA Medical Center regarding records requested for a school nurse. This would have made perfect sense, given that said school nurse used to work for GrammaJ, except for a glaring contradiction of GrammaJ’s retirement going on year 3. (It was later determined to likely have been a crazy coincidence of a single-digit cell phone discrepancy.)

But all the while, muppets were listening. “Who was that?” they inquired. Because they ask about everything. Constantly.

She explained that she used to be in charge of instruction for a large school district.

GrammaJ is the former deputy superintendent for one of the southern California school districts. Having previously served as a speech and language pathologist, director of special education, and director of curriculum, when it comes to education, the woman knows what she’s talking about.

That means she worked with the principals of all the elementary schools, she translated for muppet comprehension. At this job, she reviewed all the rules both students and teachers had to follow.

Destroy was immediately overcome with concern that GrammaJ had once been responsible for his school.

Destroy: But, um, but but but Gramma. Are you SURE you were never in charge of my school?

GrammaJ reassured him that she had never worked with any of the schools in the city where Destroy lived. (I’m a NorCal transplant.) Furthermore, GrammaJ explained that she didn’t work at a school anymore.

Search grinned broadly. He looked up at his retired grandmother.

Search: So now you’re a…a…a… REGULAR PERSON!


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  1. gustavo

    yes, grandma may be aREGULAR PERSON now , but papa become a superman now that she is retired capishi????????

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