Pilgrim Muppets

I’m not sure how I feel about this arts & crafts project…

Cute or Creepy?


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6 Responses to Pilgrim Muppets

  1. Ivy

    Definitely reminds me of that website “Elf Yourself”

  2. Jon

    I was thinking Tricia and I should make our own. Then we’ll take a photo of the “four of us” and use it for Xmas cards. Brilliant?

  3. Ivy

    I would be amused, not sure about anyone else. By the way, those are supposed to be pilgrims? The hats make them look like fishermen. Or maybe scarecrows with the whole ensemble.

  4. Joanne Hamann

    Definitely creepy – I’m not a fan!

  5. Gramma J

    Gotta love the coloring job! Looks like they gave it a few strikes with the crayon and then off to something more fun.


    I misread the title of your post as “Pilgrim PUPPETS!” I laughed out loud; so adorable. Not creepy at all to me.

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