Muppet Movies

Several of you have mentioned your love of the muppet movie snippets. And I’ve even heard rumors of a certain select few who repeatedly watch clips (*cough* GrampaStavo *cough*).

So I’ve created a YouTube channel to store them all. Someday I hope to create a video gallery directly on this site, but until then – find your favorite muppet moments by visiting the links listed under “Muppet Media” in the right-hand side column.

Muppet Movies is our YouTube channel – filled with all the video clips we’ve amassed.

Muppet Photos is our Flickr stream. I keep this updated with all the miscellaneous candid shots of our favorite model muppets.



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  1. Gramma Janet

    a friend of mine just wrote me a letter from italy after he received my xmas card with the picture of my muppets and his comment was[ you american do everything double and better] and of course i agreed , ciao tutti love gpa stavo

  2. Is it just me or is dad getting better at typing/grammar/the internet?

  3. Joanne Hamann


    I think we’re just used to him…

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