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This is Mommyhood is the mother of a manic toddler. She’s an anxious, depressed giant book nerd. And her little hummingbird on crack (man, that nickname even beats the muppets) even did a stint in the NICU.

You can see why I was drawn to her blog.

Today, I am a featured guest blogger on This is Mommyhood. As Elle (of the Mommyhood) states, “there’s an instant bond with others who have had children in the NICU.” We’re all co-conspirators graduated from a crappy club.

Squeeeeeeeeee! I’m like a real writer!

Oh, wait. I’m supposed to play it cool. Um, yeah…you’re welcome. (Besides, did you know the proper way to off a zombie?)

My advice for dealing with the roller coaster of emotions when doing time in the NICU.

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  1. gpa stavo

    great job Tricia ,but i must confess i do understand maybe half of what you write, so what still great stuff , and those Boys…..handsome smart funny … after all you and Jon went though i can see why they are really the MILLION DOLLAR BABYS, and what a pleasure to see stories of real life like yours and not a ..reality tv show.
    enjoy enjoy and keep wryting because we all like it , we like it we like it ciao love gpa stavo PS the not to understanding half of the writing is not because me being dumb, but because i have few others idiomas inmy head that make difficult to concentrate.. make sense to you? may be not , any way love Tricia Blog

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