I’ve Got an Idea

I’ve got lots of ideas.

And I keep coming up with more. I won’t hold back on you – I think my ideas are pretty swell.

“What do you think about yellow?” I asked Jon as I stared at the four walls of our bedroom.

“I think it’s just fine the way it is,” he responded, quickly exiting the room before I shared any more of my brilliant ideas.

In his absence I began rummaging through the drawers for the paint samples I’d obtained years ago. (Jon had immediately hidden then from my sight.) But they were blue. And I was still thinking yellow.

To Home Depot!

“I’m coming with you.” Excellent! I could always use a second opinion. “You get another ridiculous redesign idea every time you go down a different aisle.”

“I only want paint samples this time.”

“I’m aware of your geographic limitations involved in your inability to accurately locate the paint sample aisle on your first try.”

So Jon came with me. I procured every yellow paint sample available in the store. Jon was thrilled.

I rushed home and taped each and every one of them up over the bed in the middle of the room and stood back to let the perfect color call to me.

But you know what?

I think the bed would look better against the other wall. Then I could get that floor mirror I’ve always wanted. Also, I’ve been fantasizing about that four-poster canopy bed since the late 90s. And you know, if we get a new bed…it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get a mattress younger than me.

If you give a mouse a cookie…

And so it began. We’re grownups now, so we hired a real painter. Partly because of the concern that painting a deep maroon room yellow would result in a not-so-attractive orange room. (Red plus yellow equals orange. This concludes our primary color lesson of the day.) But mostly, because I didn’t want to do the prep.

Yellow is a happy color. (Don’t worry, the room is now a soothing yellow. Not a HELLO HAPPY SUNSHINE DAY.)

The room is now completely redecorated, rearranged and repainted. I’ve just got a few more knick-knacks that need to be placed to make it perfect – like the record player. Then I’ll give you a tour.

But now that you’ve got me thinking, I HAVE been wanting to tackle the office this year. It really could use a good straighten, sorting and purge.

And this is why I’ve been banned from Home Depot. Again. Also, I think my catalogs are being censored.

Thank goodness for the interwebs!


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4 Responses to I’ve Got an Idea

  1. Great Aunt J

    Come on up and do mine instead – I’m ready for some changes!

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  4. Alex

    Do you want to make over my apartment? It’s a bit of a lot cause—the electrician ripped a hole in the wall to prove that the wall was very thin (luckily while the school liaison was present, so I won’t get charged for damages), and it’s covered in an ever present 1/8th inch of grime due to the heavy pollution here. I’ve seriously considered buying wallpaper and just covering every wall—the grime doesn’t come off paint that well!

    Luckily, I’m US bound in just a week and a half! Here’s to drinkable water, hole-less walls, and less pollution!

    Have fun remodeling!

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