It’s Heeeere…

One of the most awesome things to come since the Zombie Apocalypse. Wait, what?

By day, Elle Davis works for a 2-year-old dictator. By naptime she writes This is Mommyhood. (You may remember I guest posted there.)

She’d always wanted to start a group blog. Because, even though we’re mommys, we do have other interests. And, let’s be honest – we have absolutely no idea what in the holy hell we’re doing either.

So a group of completely eclectic women got together and decided to write stuff. ENJOY!

Trust me, this is not your mother’s mommy blog. (Well, assuming that your mother lived in a time that had blogs. Then this totally wouldn’t be her blog.)

You’ll find me waxing poetic on my random rants and conspiracy theories over there. Check out my bio J Or maybe I’ll be in Fiji – either way – you do NOT want to miss this.

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  1. Yay! This is awesome! xx

  2. Joanne Hamann

    Nice bio!

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