He’s Tiny


“He’s tiny.” As I’ve mentioned before, it’s an actual honest-to-goodness medical diagnosis. One we’ve heard all to often. So much of the boys prognosis relies on their growth.

“They’ll grow out of it.”
“When they’re bigger this won’t be an issue.”
“No new update today. They’re growing, which is what they need to be doing.”

I think it’s the neo-natologists favorite NICU analysis.

Search and Destroy both weigh exactly 1,600 grams today – the equivalent of 3.5 pounds. Both are still on the nasal cannula with one liter of oxygen. Search is taking 60 percent of his feedings via bottle. I think he’d be able to take more if he didn’t spend the hour before mealtime suckling and mouthing to let us know he’s ready for food. By the time his milk, fortifier and vitamin milkshake concoction is ready – he’s spent. Destroy is 100 percent interested in the bottle, but he still hasn’t quite made the swallowing connection.

Guess what the consensus is on when they’ll figure out bottle-feeding completely. You got it – when they’re bigger. (34 weeks is the standard for babies to suck and swallow with purpose.)

Dr. Yuri Knauer is taking care of the muppets this week. This morning he stopped by to look at our boys. “Eesh, first we’ve got to get ride of this girly blanket,” he teased. Please note – the blanket he referred to is an adorable unisex green with a soft minky fabric. Then he mocked Destroy’s paw print onesie while telling us his lungs sounded good.


I explained to Dr. Knauer that he was WAY off base about the onesie. Snips and snails and puppy dog tails anyone? That’s what little boys are made of!

“So in your professional opinion, when can we expect them to come home?” Jon asked as the doctor moved over to examine Search.

“Probably 3-4 weeks.” A forever away. As quickly as the time goes by, the slower the days get.

Jon and I sighed. “They’re never going to come home,” Jon moaned. You ever get that feeling of exhaustion, the despair that the battery is going out on the light at the end of your tunnel? Deep breath. In the grand scheme they’ll be home soon. But, and excuse me for a moment here, AARGH!

The doctor looked down at a squirmy little Search. He assured him that no matter what, he’ll always have a home because he would gladly take the little man home. It’s good to know our boys are so loved by their nurses and doctors, but I’m still really looking forward to taking them home.

Dr. Knauer then shared his bets were on Search to come home first. But given their competitiveness, I say anything’s possible. “They’re tiny. They need to get bigger,” he proclaimed. “That and change the silly shirt. And that’s my official medical opinion.”

Given that the nurses seem to think their wards will be home sooner, (and everyone knows the nurses really run the hospital) I bet the doctor was just being conservative with his estimate. I’ve noticed that a lot about the Kaiser docs… Additionally, Dr. Knauer obviously has some misconceptions about our boys – given that he doesn’t like the blankie or outfit.


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5 Responses to He’s Tiny

  1. Gramma Janet

    The week count would then be 36-37 weeks gestation reading into this. Hang in there, mom and dad, it seems interminable, but it’s good the doctors want to make sure they are ready.
    Recharge your batteries! (I know easier said than done, but you can do it.)

    The green blanket? Ah, that one is cute!

  2. Becca

    it will all feel like a dream soon enough! our little lei is almost walking! get your rest. they will be home soon and then the party really begins! xo

  3. Winifred Ahern

    They just get cuter every day. Search looks so serious — and his arms are at his sides – where Destroy’s are raised — over his ear. Their outfits are darling – blankie, too. Coming home gets close all the time G.G.

  4. Joanne Hamann

    That silly shirt??? I don’t like that doctor at all- humph!

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