Goldilocks and the Three Cases

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Once upon a time, there was a TechMom named Tricia (who’s never had even remotely golden locks). One day, she went for a walk through the Silicon Valley; pretty soon, she came upon a house filled with technology from One Infinite Loop.

She knocked and, when no one answered, she walked right in.

(Please note: Even though TechMom went traipsing through someone else’s house for the purposes of this story, there were no laws broken if local law enforcement is reading, nor mail fraud should the FBI be perusing tech blogs. Cygnett voluntarily sent the three iPhone 5 cases and all opinions expressed herein are those of my…er TechMom’s…own.)

At the desk in the office there were three Apple products. TechMom was bored; she hadn’t played with technology all morning.

She picked up the device from the first charger. “This iPod shuffle is too small!” she exclaimed.

So, she picked up the device on the second charger. “This iPad is too big,” she said.

So, she picked up the last device from a much smaller charger. “Ahh, this new iPhone is just right,” she said happily and she began testing all the LTE speeds.

After she’d used up the residents’ data allotments, she decided she was feeling a little adventurous. So, she walked into the living room where she could play with device protection. She applied one of the screen protectors that came with each case. It didn’t seem necessary to change that part out for each different case.

TechMom snapped on the Cygnett Polygon iPhone 5 case. “This crystal clear feather-light, ultra-slim (with snap-on shield) is very easy to use! The fun diamond prism texture makes it feel fancy, but it still easily fits in my pocket,” she exclaimed.

But for her own purposes, TechMom felt like the case (and encased phone) wouldn’t survive a direct hit if dropped (or rather hurled across the room by a tiny person).



So she tried on the Cygnett slate/black utility Workmate. “This design uses impact-resistant silicone and polycarbonate materials. It’s extremely durable, totally protective, and more importantly – highly impact resistant! But it does add some bulk to the phone. This would be perfect for someone with larger pockets…like a TechDad” she mused.



So she tried the last, mid-level like case.

“Ahhh, this Vector Cygnett case is just right,” she sighed. It was flexible but tough and impact-resistant. It was women’s pants pocket-friendly, but still anti-slip.





TechMom was very excited at this time, so she went back into the office to blog about the awesome cases. She tried typing on the first computer, but the iMac was too big. Then she booted up the Mac Mini, but it was too slow. Then she flipped open the Macbook and it was just right. TechMom began writing away. As she focused, the three residents came home.

“Someone’s been futzing with our iDevices,” growled the Papa resident.

“Someone’s been testing out our iPhone cases,” said the Baby resident.

“Someone’s typing on my computer!” cried the Mama resident.

“Eek!” shrieked TechMom as she was startled out of her concentration. She hit publish, jumped up, ran down the stairs, opened the door, and ran away into the Silicon Valley.

“Give Cygnett a good review,” the residents called after her. “Each one’s tailor made for a different type of user! And stay out of our house.”

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