Getting Trashed

Fall flew in with a fury today. Crisp air tinged with a cool breeze swirling the falling leaves from the tree in our front yard greeted me when I left the house this morning. A far cry from last week’s (and the whopping seven days of “summer” in 2010) heat wave.

Luckily, the muppets and I closed out the dog days of summer partying the weekend away.

We kicked off the fun on Friday night – heading to a friend’s birthday party. The shindig was at a small café. A small, small café. Even before I arrived, I was that mom. “Scuse me, pardon me…” all the way down the sidewalk towards our destination.

We almost took out a Golden Retriever. Although, I’m pretty sure said puppy lived with his own muppets. Instead of jumping or snapping when we got a wee bit close to his tail, the pooch simply turned his head and looked up at us with an expression that said, “Oh brother, this again.”

We finally got to the café. It took four people to get me and my pint-sized minions to the back of the restaurant where the party was underway. Two people each took an infant seat and corresponding infant. Two more of us collapsed the land-yacht stroller and dragged it through the European ambiance.

Now, before you question why I was going through such hullabaloo, I am well aware that the celebratory invitation only included me so that I could transport the muppets. As a fellow attendee asked me if I was going to leave the boys in their car seats since they were starting to wake up. But the birthday girl was already removing them from their restraints to say hello. Don’t worry, she assured me – she’d also already liberated my sanitizing gel from the diaper bag.

The boys stayed awake, drinking in all the attention, and the constant stimulation from their adoring fans kept them awake late into the night. We stayed out and up until 10 p.m.!

When we finished sleeping off our adventure (7 a.m. Saturday morning), we had to start getting ready for our next party. There, we got seriously trashed.

The boys friend Peyton was turning two at a Waste Management themed party. There was a bouncy house and bubble machines, but the muppets were completely pre-occupied flirting with the other moms.

By the end of the afternoon, Search and Destroy were sleeping soundly. I was exhausted, but seriously impressed that I’d managed to get us all to these parties – and more importantly all three of us returned from the parties. A group of us took a photo with our babies (toddlers not pictured). They’re so small right now but, before we know it, they’ll be all grown up. So, we cherish these hectic moments.

And then Mother Nature steps in to tell all us crazy moms it’s time to cool down.


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2 Responses to Getting Trashed

  1. Joanne Hamann

    I never would have done all that even with one baby! Good for you- it’s important to get out of the house 🙂

    • Winifred Ahern

      Destroy and Search are becoming quite the social creatures — where do you all get so much energy? — that was an exhausting weekend. G.G.

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