Fireworks Spectacular

As the muppets conclude Week 32, Gramma J and Grandpa Stavo are kicking off their 32nd year of marriage. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

America, the great melting pot, has long been populated by immigrants. Most of us know the story of nervous and scared poor Europeans making the long journey across the Atlantic on a steamship – dreaming about success in the land of opportunity. Grandpa Stavo is just such an immigrant. But he did things…differently.

Grandpa Stavo comes from a humble Italian background but he certainly wasn’t huddling against the bow of a ship wondering what was to come. Instead he came to this great nation via cruise ship. He didn’t see Lady Liberty welcoming the tired, poor and huddled masses. He arrived in Miami, via the Bahamas, seeing liberated ladies of the 1970s partying the night away.

Grandpa Stavo spent his twenties as the matradee on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Song of Norway. He flirted and schmoozed his way around the world in five languages. When plans to become a nightclub proprietor in the Bahamas fell through, becoming a success in the U.S. was the next logical step.

So what is a guy who has spent years working in a flush cash-only environment to do as he plans the next steps of his future from a beach in southern Florida? Well the obvious of course. Open a wine and cheese boutique shop in the San Fernando Valley of southern California – the perfect way to settle in America “for persons who want to be granted immigrant status in the United States for the purpose of engaging in a new commercial enterprise.”

So he did. He and his fellow cruise line employee, Mario, abandoned ship and opened “Two Gentleman from Verona,” (clever isn’t it) selling gourmet cheeses and wines to oenophiles.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (style suburban house), Gramma J and her friend Mary had just returned from a Royal Caribbean cruise. Gramma J had a tan and Mary had a crush on Mario. So off they went to the mall to find a wine and cheese shop. While Mary went in search of Mario, Grandpa Stavo introduced himself to Gramma J and started to get his own flirt on.

Ever the suave Italian, Grandpa Stavo casually asked if Gramma J wanted to go out that night. “How about my place?” After Gramma J indignantly explained she was not that kind of girl, Grandpa Stavo explained that My Place was the restaurant across the way from his shop.

On Independence Day, July 4, 1978, the two exchanged vows. I’m not sure if Mary ever got a date with Mario.

So boys, you come from a well-loved and determined family. We know you’ll be just as successful as you grow up. But when you start meeting girls, try to use a better pickup line.

Happy Fourth of July! May all your fireworks be a celebration today.




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7 Responses to Fireworks Spectacular

  1. Gramma J

    Thanks for the good wishes. Always a fun day.
    Mom and Dad

  2. Joanne Hamann

    I was just telling Mark about that infamous 4th as well. It was a beautiful wedding, even if my usually flawless sister snipped my bridemaid’s dress to the point that it could be barely be hemmed. So much for high heels!

  3. Winifred Ahern

    As always, a beautiful and informative tribute to the grandparents. Destroy and Search are indeed fortunate to join such a loving, successful family. G.G.

  4. Amber Harrison

    Love it! Fab story and even more importantly – the boys look dashing in their actual clothes. They aren’t even that big! Amazing. 🙂

  5. Becca

    you forgot a line about what a little firecracker you are 😉 happy 4th mama!
    p.s. was it weird that i read the lines that were your father’s voice in a rapid, thick, italian accent? 🙂

  6. Michelle

    You look just like your Mom.

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