Daddy Day Care

Week 1 of Daddy Day Care is complete, with the concluding thought that taking care of one child cannot be that difficult.

Jon works weekends. So it has long been our plan that Daddy Day Care will be in session during the workweek and I’ll step up on the weekends. I was amazed at how many people expressed such concern over this plan.

“Are you worried about Jon?” I was asked. Of course not, I explained. Jon’s always wanted to be a father – and he, like me, is tremendously excited that the muppets are home. “No no,” they clarified. “Are you worried about him being home alone taking care of the boys?”

I was confused. Why would I be concerned? “Well, you’re Mom,” they explained. Yes. And Jon is Dad. “Well, Dad’s don’t adjust as well to taking care of the little ones as well as Mom’s.”

Luckily, we were unaware of this. And Jon is, in fact, a tremendous father – including taking care of muppets.

Daddy Day Care kicks off around 5 a.m. Dad takes over the end of the early morning feeding and sends me back to dreamland. I’m up early and off to work, so those last precious few hours are incredibly necessary. The three enjoy breakfast together when they wake up again in the morning and then Dad tries to squeeze a couple more hours of naptime out of the night.

Once the day has truly kicked off, my boys spend a lot of time in the living room – that’s where their playpen, bouncy chairs and swing live. Allegedly, the muppets take some naps during the day as well. I’ve inquired whether Jon ever naps along with them, but no – SuperDad has things to accomplish during these brief quiet times.

To maintain sanity, the boys set off on excursions around the neighborhood and beyond. Much as I enjoy my summer evening strolls, Jon finds relaxation in hour-long explorations of the parks. He does it to get outside, breathe fresh air, and to let the muppets fall soundly asleep to the steady vibrating rhythms of the rolling stroller.

Alas, Jon notes, “Apparently a dad pushing twins is the equivalent of a circus freak. I got little kids tapping their mom on the arm and pointing at me. I feel I should be selling ad space on the side of my stroller.” The lookie-loos are probably wondering where the children’s absentee mother is and feeling woefully sorry for the poor man stuck with his own two babies.

By the time I get home, the boys have eaten their first dinner and are ready to lie back and cuddle until bedtime. (Although, out of concern for what I’m missing, Dad often lets me handle the dinner diaper change.)

So all you dads out there – get over yourself. You probably won’t break the baby. And moms – don’t assume you need to shoulder everything. Dad may surprise you.

In any case, I’m sure many of you are wondering why there are now two posts in a row without photos. Daddy Day Care is thus far a rousing success. But that doesn’t mean Mom or Dad has the energy to run after the camera. More photos will come soon.

So as Week 1 officially comes to a close, I bid you sweet dreams. Goodnight moon.


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5 Responses to Daddy Day Care

  1. Joanne Hamann

    Goodnight moon, goodnight cow, goodnight bed, goodnight John Boy… Jon is amazing – don’t tell Mark, but there’s NO way he could have done it on his own – frankly, me neither. Have a good weekend!

  2. Michelle

    Great job guys!!!

    • Winifred Ahern

      What a super Dad!!!No wonder you feel comfortable leaving the twins in such excellent care. How lucky the boys are to have such incredible parents. G.G.

  3. June

    Who would ask such a question. I know first hand that Jon is such a hands on father !!!! He is awesome !!!

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