Bonnie and Clyde – Before They Were Stars

I bet you think you know the outlaw couple Bonnie and Clyde. You’re picturing a sepia colored old-timey photo aren’t you? With a couple, complete with Tommy Guns, grimacing back at the Kodak Box Camera.

Two grizzled Depression era baddies – legends and lovers of the gangster era. Bankrobers of the Barrow gang – brothers and buddies capturing America’s attention as public enemy sweethearts No. 1. The stuff of Hollywood gold.

Back to the future here, peeps. The time is now. The place is preschool.

I went to pick up the muppets. Lola and her Dad were exiting the premises.

“Hi Lola,” I smiled at the cute little blonde.

“Hi Destroy’s mommy,” she replied. (This was my interpretation using my elementary conversational skills in Toddler. She may have simply sneezed.)

Her dad smiled awkwardly back at me.

“I’m the twins’ mom,” I explained.

“Oh…Wait, I’m sorry…Who are your kids?”

(Because there are so many twins? One. ONE dude – there is ONE set of twins at school.)

“Search and Destroy.”



“We hear a LOT about Destroy at home. Destroy? Destroy? Destroy?”

I laughed. Because…well, you’ve heard the tales: “How was school today Destroy?” <coy look> “Lola.”

Lola’s dad eyed me suspiciously. “It starts early doesn’t it?” <forced laugh>

I can read between the lines, dude. “Keep your little Casanova away from my baby girl!”

The muppets teacher heard this awkward dialogue. Turns out – Destroy and Lola do spend an inordinate amount of time together every day.

In time out.

They’re a modern day Bonnie and Clyde!

They may not be offing banks just yet. But this past weekend we hit up a buddy’s birthday party. As we prepared to leave, Destroy eyed me across the room. With an evil smirk, he shimmied up the snack table. And grabbed a cake pop.

“Destroy!” I admonished.

He gave me a look that said, “What are you gonna do about this? Huh Mom? I’ll be bouncing off the walls on my sugar high by the time you get across the room to wrench this from my eager toddler grip.”

Without breaking eye contact he shoved the entire cake pop in his mouth. And with an evil cackle, I became innately aware that my adorable detention duo would be providing y’all with stories for the next several years.

You’re welcome.

And also, sorry dads. But my dudes are irresistible.


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6 Responses to Bonnie and Clyde – Before They Were Stars

  1. Nancy Welker Caracciolo

    Classic ! Didn’t get the Bonnie and Clyde (male & female) reference at first but so perfectly clarified.
    Thinking of you all a lot this week – Monday was “Uncle John’s” birthday. His celebration wasn’t the same without Winnie. I know she attended in spirit but I sure miss her. Also, one of the last times they all got together was Paul & Stephanie’s wedding also on Oct 15.

  2. Joanne Hamann

    Yeah Nancy the wedding has brought back mom memories for all of us. Please wish your dad a Happy Birthday. Niece of mine – do they go by their real names at school or not? What are their real names anyway – I forgot!

  3. I would worry more about my son and the ladies if his go to move wasnt to fall on top of them.

  4. My wife beat me to it . . . CJ’s move with the ladies is to hug them, and then to fall down on top of them.

    Few appreciate the tacklehug.

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