Bedtime Story: Sock It To Me

The washing machine cried uncle tonight. It vibrated, rattled and then tried to escape before finally collapsing in a standstill – a neon green “LOAD” message blinking along the LCD panel.

Every day is a mire of laundry to do. Gather, wash, fold, repeat. Is this a sign that life is full so the laundry can wait or a sign that life is full – and laundry is the reflection.

I. Hate. Laundry.

So it is the inspiration behind tonight’s bedtime story.


Oliver and Ethan Kangaroo were growing up big and strong. It had been many months since they’d left their mommy’s pouch. They spent their days bouncing around the fields.

Oliver and Ethan played by the trees; occasionally a mischievous neighboring koala would entice them into more trouble. They fought and wrestled like the growing ‘roos they were. And every afternoon, their mommy would shake her head at their muddied clothes.

Oliver and Ethan would just giggle. Then they’d bounce off to dirty more outfits, while Mommy Kangaroo faced off with the sock sprites. These devilish little creatures took great pleasure in stealing a single sock out of every load.

Have you ever had a pile of mismatched socks? Now you know why.

Socks were very important to the Kangaroos. They had such big feet to bounce with. So fun socks were all the better to show off with. The sock sprites cackled and guffawed as Mommy Kangaroo searched high and low for the missing socks. Occasionally she’d find a pair – only to lose another.

Finally, much to Oliver and Ethan’s dismay, Mommy marched out to the store to buy plain white socks. “They will all match!” she announced triumphantly.

But the sock sprites heard her and set out at a sock sprite sprint. By the time Mommy Kangaroo got there, there was no such thing as plain white socks. There were multi-colored ballet slippers and football shoe socks. There were striped socks and socks with polka dots just for tots. Emblazoned with dinos and diamonds, socks could represent any enjoyable activity.

But not a single plain solid sock to be found.

In the battle for matching socks, despite buying uniformed colored ones, it certainly appeared the sock sprites were winning.

Suddenly, Mommy Kangaroo was struck with a brilliant idea (obviously sent from the family fairy princess).

“You two look alike. But all the marsupials in town wear socks to stand out. Be different! Be unique! Wear two different socks. Start a new trend.”

And with that, Mommy Kangaroo spun on her heels and bowed to the sock sprites – just as she saw them make off with a shoe…


Little love, it’s time for bed
it’s time to prepare for the adventures ahead
You’re being sent off to explore
to play, to learn, to dream and more
There’s so much to know, in your world still unsaid.

The moon will look down over you throughout the night
the man who keeps watch will make sure you never lose sight.
Close your eyes and go to sleep
don’t be afraid to look, listen, laugh and leap.
Follow your journey through, until the morning light.

Tomorrow you will tell me all you learned and what you think of.
But now – it’s time for bed, my little love.


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4 Responses to Bedtime Story: Sock It To Me

  1. What a wonderful bedtime story.
    Makes me want to wear two dofferent socks and two different shoes tomorrow.
    Look forward to returning again
    PS I found you on the NaBloPoMo blogroll

  2. Joanne Hamann

    Cute my dear!

  3. Nancy Welker

    Very cute story, Tricia.
    We tried to out-wit the sock sprites by putting all the socks into a mesh bag that zips up and goes into the laundry. They were helpful and you can get them at Target or even the Dollar store. My latest sock-loss was quite remarkable. I was shaking out a sock that had dropped out of the bag and it slipped off my finger, over my head and back behind the washer where it still sits today. I couldn’t pull off that manuever again if I tried. Thanks again for sharing.

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