A Nervous Tic Motion: Little Heartbreaker

Big News! Things have changed with the group site I joined a couple months ago. Fresh start, fresh look, new name.

<Drumroll please>

Meet…A Nervous Tic Motion. (Same great site.) Toddlers to teenagers, children make life crazy. (And as it turns out, all us writers were certifiably crazy long before piling parenthood on top of our neuroses.) Admit it, you’re starting to get a nervous tic just thinking about it.

So I thought I’d take the opportunity with today’s post to share how Destroy will be creating nervous tics in parents across town from toddlerhood long through his teenage years.


Disclaimer: I, like most mothers, solemnly believe that I have the two cutest muppets in the world. That being said – this post is about attitude, not simple good looks.

Destroy has been a little flirt from the very beginning. He taught himself to turn his tiny little head – just enough to dislodge his NICU sensors, set the alarms screaming and get his nurses running. From his wrinkly tiny body, he would briefly open his little (then blue) eyes and coo.

The nurses loved him. I have no doubt he coerced extra snuggles out of flirtatious tactics.

Uh oh, I thought. I’m going to have a heartbreaker on my hands.

As my chubby little man continued to develop his personality, his love the ladies grew with him. He developed long, luxurious (drag queen-esque) lashes and he has absolutely mastered the technique of fluttering his now big brown M&M eyes as necessary to win the hearts of his adoring fans.

I took the twins to friends “drive-in” birthday party. (Sickeningly creative mom – Cars theme, each little friend was provided a cardboard car of their very own.) Unfortunately, Destroy seemed to innately embrace the drive-in concept.

He immediately canvased the room, making a slight detour through the snack bar. Just when I began to get concerned I’d lost a kid, I peered through the see of cardboard cars bearing toddlers enraptured by the antics of Lightening McQueen. Destroy was making his way toward each little girl, pausing by their car and leaning in for a kiss.

“How YOU doin’? Interested in a goldfish, baby?”

Shortly thereafter, I watched my wobbly toddler attempt to climb into a car – apparently he’d found a girl willing to partake in the cheddery salty snack with him. An older woman, no less. She was just over 2.

Oh no, no, no. Destroy, we were JUST admitted to the list of boys she is allowed to talk to. This is NOT going to go over well with her dad.

Tonight, I picked him up from daycare – he was busy snuggling with his teacher when I arrived. But he was easily distracted when one of his girlfriends joined him to get ready to go home.

Watch your daughters. My little destroyer is going to be quite the little heartbreaker. And quite possibly a rockstar…


Stay tuned for that story. (The beauty of NaBloPoMo – or National Blog Posting Month – I get to tease you with two-part to-be-continued stories.)


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  1. Winifred Ahern

    He is a heartbreaker, for sure! G.G.

  2. So cute and funny! My daughter was the same, in opposite sex form, of course. She was always holding all the little boys’ hands! It’s gonna be an interesting ride!

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