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High School Never Ends


Have you ever wondered what the heck your preschooler is obsessing over? It may be a Disney Jr. show (and accompanying characters).

Below is a handy reference guide to the current on-demand of shows to watch ad nauseam. For adult clarification and understanding, the house of mouse offerings are categorized according to typical high school stereotypes*. Continue reading

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Generational Friendships

Never a Dull Second

In late December 2011, an old high school girlfriend and I started mentioning that since we were both SoCal transplants in the NorCal Bay Area, we should totally get our kids together for a playdate.

Megan, of Never a Dull Second, is now proud BoyMom to two of the cutest little dudes you’ll ever meet – a 3.5-year-old and 5-month-old. But way back in the day, we were livin the dream in an orange and blue high school dress code down in the San Fernando Valley. (I looked for a high school photo of the two of us to post here, but alas all the pictures of 90s early teenage thespian angst are at my parents house. You’re welcome, Megan.) Continue reading


Ghost Light

The boys won’t sleep. Neither of them. The whining would begin the moment the doorframe came into view. The banshee wails began as the child was held over the prison crib walls.

We attempted a reset. Turned on all the lights. Ran around the big room for a bit, then tucked the back into bed. No go. The moment the lights went out again, the screams intensified – to those desperate pathetic hiccupping sobs.

There was only one plausible explanation. The boogieman has taken up residence in the boys’ room. Continue reading


The Bell Curve of Development (or Mitch’s Bitches)

I got home late for dinner. “Hang on a sec – you’re impugning one of the bitches…” Uncle Mark was saying as I plopped into my seat.

Hey – I’m not one to judge. Who’s a bitch?

“My bitches,” said my 16-year-old cousin Mitch. Continue reading