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Because Mommy is Apparently Still a Threat to National Security

Friday afternoon I sat across from my punk ass colleague dear friend who had been with me on my prior…um… encounter with HOMELAND SECURITY. He decided it was necessary to regale everyone else who happened to be sitting in the company conference corraller with my story. (But who am I to judge – I AM posting these delightful anecdotes for the world to see.)

“Don’t forget socks,” he concluded smugly. Continue reading


Professional Mommy Style

Today I was faced with a detrimental project problem at work. I looked down the length the conference table and announced, “Make it work!” Because there is really no situation that cannot benefit from the sage advice of fashion guru Tim Gunn.

I was met with a silent host of blank stares. I realized I was surrounded by computer engineers. This was quite clearly my most impressive Know Your Audience fail yet. Continue reading

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Secret Identity

My phone buzzed, “Let’s retire and start an island business.” I didn’t blink twice. “Sold. When do we start? I’ll pack now.”

The house is quiet right now – sound-tracked by the clicking of my keyboard, two large snoring dogs (one comfortably lounging on his back, legs splayed to the world) and the faint buzz of the baby monitor humming a Disney classical playlist. Continue reading


When Mommy is a Threat to National Security

Have you missed me this week? Ok, who am I kidding, have you missed the muppets? I missed them too. I’ve been traveling for work this week – social(media)izing up a storm at my company’s annual conference. Continue reading