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Baseball Heroes (kind of)

Vegas Baseball

I like baseball. This may be genetic.

The day the muppets were born, my mom sent me a note that she knew the boys would okay. Because they were born on the 28 – the number of former Dodger Wes Parker. Continue reading

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Vegas Baby, Vegas

Photo by Bob Townsend

Photo by Bob Townsend

Two weeks into the new year and we decided we needed a vacation. So we packed up the MomMobile and headed down to SoCal for a visit with my parents (who are apparently trying to recoup the costs of every vacation they take via the amount of tiny shampoos they return with – seriously, there are enough to last the muppets through college).

Vegas baby, VEGAS! It’ll be so money.  Continue reading


What Happens in Vegas

Did you miss me this week? I was off in Sin City. Another year, another tradeshow in Vegas.

Last year while I was gone, Destroy said “mama” for the first time. (He didn’t really know what he was saying – it was more the syllable construction, but that totally still counts.) Another trip around the sun, and this time he arose at 4 a.m. to scream “Mommmeeee.” (Although, I’m not entirely convinced he knows the difference between Jon and me in terms of that title.)

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Vegas Baby, Vegas

I have survived my first industry tradeshow. Sure, I’ve worked on content for them before, but this was the first one where my presence was physically required. Continue reading