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Toddler Speak

Mahi Mahi was on the menu for dinner tonight. Both muppets chowed down in a serious teenage-boy-in-training fashion, while Finding Nemo played in the background.


(Yes, I fed my children fish while their anthropomorphized dinner just kept swimming on the screen. I know. Mother. Of. The. Year.)

It’s crazy how big they are now. They’re like real little people. It’s just completely… Continue reading



Search has a new word. “Ball.” He is very proud of his new linguistic acquisition.

This morning, both boys came toddling into the bedroom together where I was getting ready for work. They were giggling and babbling incoherently to one another. (I’m pretty sure they were plotting some intricate mischief.) I had to take a step back just to watch their interaction. Time passes so quickly. Continue reading



The muppets are babbling away. In addition to his standard greeting of, “Ai!,” Destroy has commenced growling. (Sounds odd – but I assure you, I am not alone in this experience.) Search continues to discover his voice, chattering, “bahbhabah,” repeatedly and (unfortunately for those within earshot) mimicking his brother’s shrieks.

Not only are the muppets conversing with us, they continue to share secret squirrel information with each other. I’m pretty sure they are plotting with the dogs too. (Search, the future e*Trade spokesbaby, is on a mission to ride the dog like a small pony in his never-ending quest to procure my iPhone.) Language skills are very important in our household.

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