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An Introduction to Athletics

So the boys have Hand, Mouth and Foot Disease (HMFD). Yay.

(Not to be confused with hoof-and-mouth disease – which afflicts well, animals with hooves.) I have been assured that HMFD is a common childhood virus of the coxsackievirus genre (capable of taking out an entire preschool class in a single afternoon).

HMFD. Making cherubic toddlers look like acned teenagers.

Aside from a severely cranky night-owl creating an up-all-night Zombie Dad, by this afternoon both boys were showing signs of going stir crazy in quarantine. It was a gorgeous spring day. The whole family could probably use some fresh air. Continue reading

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Evil Knievel and the Peanut Butter Sandwich

No good ever came of a phone call that began, “Don’t worry, they’re okay.”

“Destroy’s had a rough morning…” Miss Stephanie continued. “I felt that I should call and warn you before you came to pick him up as he looks a bit worse for wear.”

I forced myself to hang onto the phone as I dropped my head onto my desk. “What happened?” Continue reading