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Dating in the ‘Burbs


Dating is usually pretty stressful. And at this age, things can be even more complicated. There are many pieces to the puzzle – many components to sort before success.

  • How do you let someone know you’re interested in spending more time together?
  • How do you get to know someone’s family?
  • How do you tell if someone wants to play with you again?

But play dates are a staple of suburban childhood these days. Continue reading

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Generational Friendships

Never a Dull Second

In late December 2011, an old high school girlfriend and I started mentioning that since we were both SoCal transplants in the NorCal Bay Area, we should totally get our kids together for a playdate.

Megan, of Never a Dull Second, is now proud BoyMom to two of the cutest little dudes you’ll ever meet – a 3.5-year-old and 5-month-old. But way back in the day, we were livin the dream in an orange and blue high school dress code down in the San Fernando Valley. (I looked for a high school photo of the two of us to post here, but alas all the pictures of 90s early teenage thespian angst are at my parents house. You’re welcome, Megan.) Continue reading