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Multiple Choice

School’s back in session. The clean crisp notebooks are just beginning to show stress on those wire binds. The intoxicating scent of ink bleeding into the pulpy pages still emanates every time you hear that magical crack of a textbook spine. And Bic has even made a special pen – just for my fairer sex! (Oh read the comments. You won’t be disappointed.

What’s that? Kids these days don’t take pen to paper and read Chapters 1-3 of the state approved textbook (copyright 1992)? GET OFF MY LAWN.

It’s Friday. And when I was a young whippersnapper, that generally meant a pop quiz. Inconceivable! Continue reading


Confessions of a Guilty Mother

“He always smiles like he’s got a secret,” Search’s teacher informed me.

Nobody knows it but you’ve got a secret smile
And you use it only for me

And with his wry little half-smirk, I have no doubt that he does. You see, Search and Destroy know the secret of life.

I have a confession; my own secret behind the smile. My idea for the name of this blog was originally A Stream Triple Threat. You see, there were initially three. Continue reading


When Talking to Parents of Tiny People

Earlier this month, I came across an article imploring people to think before they speak when talking to preemie parents. The author was mortified that someone close to her had called her two-month premature son a “monkey baby.” As such, a community of preemie parents had banded together to create a list of the Top Ten Things Not to Say to Parents of Preemies. Continue reading


How Preemie Moms Are Chosen

Erma Bombeck was a humorist with a newspaper column detailing the mundane details of suburban life. (My favorite of her works are compiled in her book, “When You Look Like Your Passport Photo It’s Time To Go Home.”)

Part of me likes to see myself as something like her with this blog. And yet, I have just now discovered her preemie poem. Continue reading