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Disney Wicki

Me: Can I have a hug?

Search: No. <Eye roll. Puts nose back in book.>

Me: Want me to read you a story?

Search: No. <Eye roll. Puts nose back in book.>

Me: <Using my mom voice.> Destroy Anthony! Get off of that table. We do not scale coffee tables. Get down. <Destroy begins wailing.>

Search: Uh oh…<Cackle.>

Me: Can you show brother how to go down the slide?

Search: No. <Runs over to slide. Dives down slide head first.> NOOO!

Me: Are you ready for bed? Do you want to go night night?

Search: No. <Scampers over to stairs and starts climbing.>

Me: I thought you said “No.”

Search: No ni ni! <Sticks thumb confidently in mouth. Curls up into little ball.>

Jon: Wow. He really is COMPLETELY your child.

Search: <Sly smirk. Giggle. Cackle.> EhhhhhhOliana dodoh bababah mo mymo MIKEWAZOWSKI!

Me: He totally said Mike Wazowski!

Jon: I really don’t understand you…