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Geek Mom

I found this website – Geek Mom. Meh. Not really me. I mean I’ve always been a book nerd, but this was a different genre of geek.

Then over in the right hand column I noticed the banner ad. “LA Police Gear. 5.11 Tactical.” As I consumed my morning coffee, “LA Police Gear. 5.11 Tactical.” mug firmly in hand.


Am I a Geek Mom? Continue reading


Report Cards are In

Good news. My state is slightly less stupid. I read the report.

The nation’s educational assessment report card came out today. Once again California received an Unacceptable. Overall, the Golden State held up the rear – our future’s reading scores coming in above the intelligence found in our capital, Washington, D.C., and NO ONE ELSE. Mathematically, we beat out Mississippi and Alabama too. (Given our state’s current fiscal status, this does not surprise me.) Continue reading