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Graduation from the Kids Table (or our extended generation Thanksgiving dinner)

This is my family.

Thanksgiving. It’s a holiday without any pretense. No gifts, no expectations. No church (or arguments about whether everyone should go to church.) Just a Griswold family gathering with football and feasting (or in my case of the crazy Italians, foosball).

Papa has a broken foot – that one from the downstairs bar and an intense game of kick-the-ball with the boys. (Sorry Dad.) So he limped around with a walking stick while wearing black socks with sandals (I do not know why these events need to be related). Continue reading


Griswolds Go To the Beach Pt. 1

Grab your towels and hang on tight folks.

The muppets and I headed south for a last minute vacation to my childhood home. (Ideally for some relaxation – for mommy anyway, since Search would undoubtedly deposit himself in GrammaJ’s lap for the duration and Destroy would…well destroy things.)

It’s in the mid-90s weather wise. My brother lives on the beach. I put these two nuggets of wisdom together and thought, “You know what seems like a good idea?! Let’s take the boys on their very first beach trip.” Continue reading