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Infertility is a Bitch

A friend’s blog so aptly states Sometimes It’s Hard to Get Pregnant. “It’s hard to get pregnant. It’s hard to stay pregnant. And it’s hard to continue the journey.”

In college I was polka dotted. I visited approximately 732 dermatologists to figure out what was wrong with me. Finally, a doctor shared it wasn’t just an epidemiological stylistic body modification choice (although I do still bear the scars). It was an endocrine, autoimmune disorder. My body was attacking itself.

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Guardian Angels

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.

This is a day to take a moment to reflect on the little ones watching down over us – the dedicated guardian angels tasked with keeping our muppets safe.

Losing a child is not fair. And it’s not easy, no matter when it occurs. No clichés or well-meaning comments from others can simply make it all better.

So today is a day to sit back and remember. May all the little unknown angels out there know how loved they are – even though we never had the chance to meet you.

For more information, check out materials available from the March of Dimes.