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Frat Boys in Training (or why growing boys cry when the milk spills)

Logan_Got Milk_11-29-12

Search and Destroy are fraternal twins. Once they go away to college, each will make his own individual decision on whether or not to join a fraternity – a group of persons associated by, or as if by, ties of brotherhood. Just in case, they’ve begun practicing for their pledge class. Continue reading


Something Funny Happened on the Way Home

You think by making it through the day without a call saying the kids are hysterical that the first day in the Tiny Two’s class was a rousing success.

I showed up to the sandbox. The yard doody lady called out Search’s name. Five kids looked up. Because there are five Search’s in his class. Yes. He has one of those names. But to keep things interesting for the teachers, they all have unique spellings. (Joke’s on you, class roster!) Continue reading


Potty Like a Rock Star

I diapered the muppets. For fun (I know – we get ca-razy here), I let the boys wander around in their diapers while I went to dispose of the evidence.

In the 60 seconds I was away, I heard a crash and a cackle. Continue reading

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Out Damned Sippy Cup

“In the Hall of the Mountain Kings” was humming in the background when I said goodnight to the boys. Both of them were still awake. They sat up in their cribs, eyeing me. It was a Wild West standoff. I stood in front of them – sippy cups in hand; they stared back – howls of protest filling their lungs. Continue reading