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Book Review: Trident K9 Warriors

Trident K9 Warriors

When we finally brought Destroy home from the hospital, we sat him in his tiny baby bouncer and gently introduced him to the family dogs. We did the same when Search came home three days later.

Each time, our yellow lab Cooper eyed them suspiciously. “Can they throw a ball? No? Worthless puppies!”

See, Cooper was once trained as a working dog. He’s considered a “career changer.” Mostly because epilepsy is an automatic fail-out. But nevertheless, he has the drive and obsession to focus, inspect his surroundings, and most importantly FETCH THE BALL! Continue reading

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Special Forces: Before They Were Paratroopers

The tactical advantage of paratroopers is that they can literally drop into the battlefield, thereby allowing their unit to take up positions in areas not accessible by land.

Sounds pretty fitting for the type of guy who figured out how to climb before he could crawl. Continue reading