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Summer Music in the Park

BBQ Championship

The 2013 Silicon Valley BBQ Championships were coming to Santa Clara. It sounded entertaining. It also sounded tasty.

More importantly, the city was putting it on within walking distance of our house. So when the boys announced they wanted to go to the park at 10 a.m., I decided we were going on an adventure. Continue reading


Chowdown at Five Guys

FiveGuys Saloon

Like an old western television serial, we pushed open the doors to the burger joint. It was lunch for the taking.

The clock was about to chime high noon. The countdown was upon us to feed small people and get them to nap before meltdown. Every man (or mom) for himself. Continue reading


Secret Agent Men

I write this in the midst of living room rubble.

The toy box exploded. There is mysterious fuzz embedded in the carpet, lining a crushed layer of Cheerio dust. Pages from what I assume were once books are flung far and wide. And the vehicles sit askew from where the muppets laid down their bikes – tricycle wheels spinning harmlessly head over heels. Continue reading


Additional Adventures in Tricia’s Culinary Acumen

Did you know sweet potatoes could explode?

Me neither. Continue reading