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The Great Comcast Saga


I write a monthly column over at AlliOSNews. It’s a techie site – extolling all the goodies and gunpowder on the Apple OS. (SHINY TOY!) I’m TechMom. And these are my stories on how technology is really used. This is what you must deal with, as I am a Silicon Valley nerd by day.

I’m well aware it’s Thursday. TechMom Tuesday is typically published the first Tuesday of every month. This month it’s a wee bit late due to the Big Apple Announcement last week. Also, as you’ll see below, I’ve had some connectivity issues. I reserve the right to rant more or less as the technical goings-on, well…go on. Continue reading


Adventures Offline

“The Internet’s acting a little squirrelly,” Jon texted me yesterday afternoon.

By the time I got home, all the technology was askew. The Internet was down. So our VoIP didn’t work. And no cable to watch the baseball games. With only one tiny cell reception bar.

(AT&T – Less bars in more places. Because it’s not like I live in the heart of the Silicon Valley. Oh wait…)

Jon was at work. The boys were asleep. I felt so alone and isolated. Someone hold me? (Yeah. I know. I have an addiction.) Continue reading