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Case of the Broken Tail


Scout’s tail never stops moving. In full “love the one you’re with” Labrador enthusiasm, his otter tail is always thwacking his excitement.

I grew up in a Southern California desert canyon <cue ominous Wild West whistling> fueled by the fire of 1,000 suns.

It is a death valley of its own kind for lizards and lawns alike. My parents’ house has plant potters housing baby palm trees. Lizards scale the basket – lured by the mirage of water amid the cool 95-degree autumn afternoons. Cacti stand in mocking triumph over the fallen. Continue reading

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Bike Ride Boondoggle


It was a gorgeous sunny Sunday morning. The blue skies called for us to get out of the house. What a perfect day for a bike ride through the nearby open space preserve to visit the local working farm – the animals would surely be out soaking up the winter warmth and socializing with their human admirers. A picture perfect idyllic family moment.

We loaded up the bikes and clamored into the car – Destroy already donning his helmet in preparation.

Apparently a good number of others had the same idea. The tiny parking lots were packed. We circled. So Jon dropped me and the boys off at the trail head and set off to procure parking. This is where our stories diverge. Continue reading


The Incident (or Baby’s First Emergency Room Visit)

ER Sign

It took three and a half years. We experienced our first Emergency Room visit.

Ok, technically it’s only been three years due to that whole extended hospital stay and resulting paranoid ER runs due to a wheezy case of the sniffles. (Which I steadfastly maintain is actually prudent preemie preservation.) Continue reading


Motherhood is a Contact Sport

I have a swollen nose and can’t tell if those dark lines under my eyes are dark circles or black eyes.

Last week I was head-butted by a toddler trying to get a better view of Papa in the iPad. Homeboy made CONTACT; it was a direct hit to my nose. I heard a crack. I saw stars. I tasted blood. I felt as though I’d just received a full body blow from one of the boys’ beloved Big Trucks. Continue reading


Winecone Wednesday – Burning Down the House Edition

The mailers have begun arriving. The commercials are blathering on. The political circus has begun continues. Next verse? Same as the first!

Here’s your ticket pack your bags/ Time for jumpin’ overboard
Transportation isn’t here
Close enough but not too far,
Maybe you know where you are
Fightin’ fire with fire
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Mother of the Year


Yesterday was Mother’s Day. Today I totally dropped the ball. Metaphorically speaking of course. Literally, I dropped a child.

Mother. Of. The. Year.

Acquiescing to toddler demands, and an intensely prideful desire to keep the pick-up line moving smoothly, I scooped Destroy up in my arms headed toward the car with his brother by my side.

Two steps later, in those 4-inch stiletto heels I have such an affinity for, the school speed bump got the better of me. Continue reading