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Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of Mistaken Identity

Teacher: Where is… Emma?

Emma: <Giggles and points to self>

Teacher: Where is…Jamison?

Jamison: <Giggles and points to self>

Teacher: Where is…Destroy?

Destroy: <Confused look> Hi!

Teacher: Where is Destroy? Are you Destroy?

Destroy: <Looks thoughtfully at his teacher, toddles over toward Search>

Search: Sigh. <Points forcefully at Destroy with exasperated expression>

Destroy: <Happily points back at Search>

Teacher: That’s Search. *You’re* Destroy.

Destroy: No. Brother.


What’s My Name Again?

I am pleased to share that after this past week’s adventures in p-neumonia, cadet has now been prescribed Amoxicillin. (You ever feel we’re facing a future where many of the greatest great band names will come be the direct result of Auto Correct? I can see it now: Cadet – with lead guitarist, Search Stream.) Continue reading


Secret Identity

My phone buzzed, “Let’s retire and start an island business.” I didn’t blink twice. “Sold. When do we start? I’ll pack now.”

The house is quiet right now – sound-tracked by the clicking of my keyboard, two large snoring dogs (one comfortably lounging on his back, legs splayed to the world) and the faint buzz of the baby monitor humming a Disney classical playlist. Continue reading