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Five Years Gone By


In case there was any question they’re little fighters.

Tonight I was plunking away on a project for work. I was scrolling back and forth within a PowerPoint presentation looking for that magical light bulb moment when my brain decided to respond.

But instead of an ingenious idea guaranteed to garner a raise and promotion, instead the recesses of my mind decided it was time for a trip back down the rabbit hole. Continue reading


Communication Confusion and When 94 is a Flunking Grade


I was just finishing up a project after spending the wee hours of the morning driving down to Gramma and Papa’s house. I signed off, “Without further ado…”

“Don’t you mean adieu?” inquired Gramma J.

Did I? Ah, mother. “When you depart from me sorrow abides and happiness takes his leave.” (Apparently from Shakespeare’s “Much Adieu About Nothing.”) Perhaps this called for a song to appropriately end a conversation of such foolish or unnecessary talk. “So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu. Ado, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yooo…”

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What Goes Up, Must Come Down

ER Selfie

ER Selfie

I hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend. We celebrated with baby boy’s first concussion.

You’re thinking I already shared this post. Wrong kid. And no stairs this time. Continue reading

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The Incident (or Baby’s First Emergency Room Visit)

ER Sign

It took three and a half years. We experienced our first Emergency Room visit.

Ok, technically it’s only been three years due to that whole extended hospital stay and resulting paranoid ER runs due to a wheezy case of the sniffles. (Which I steadfastly maintain is actually prudent preemie preservation.) Continue reading


Mommy Unplugged

Normal is a state of mind. On Tuesday, I went to speak on a panel about the NICU and hospital stays. The meeting was actually on Wednesday, so mommy-brain spent the remainder of the week following me around laughing.

As the muppets’ first birthday races toward us, our days in the NICU seem to fade further into the past. But the roller coaster of emotions is something that isn’t going to ever fully leave me.

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