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The Bucket List

Sports Bucket

The seasons of sports are upon us. Search and Destroy are reaching the age where they are eligible for the local sports leagues.

We’ve always been of the mindset to sign the boys up for all the sports. Then they can decide if they have any interest. Continue reading


Rink Rats

Ice Skating copy

With thoughts of solidarity for fellow Americans blanketed beneath snow dumped by the polar vortex whirling around much of our nation, I toyed with idea of taking the boys ice skating. (It’s 70 degrees and sunny bordering on dangerous drought conditions here.)

Ok, fine. The public skating session coincided with the San Francisco Forty-Niners playoff football game and I thought we’d have the rink to ourselves. Continue reading

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Superbowl Sporting Extravaganza

The original football.

The original football.

It all started on the drive home from school Friday afternoon.

“GoGiants! Go Nin-ners!” echoed in stereo from the back seat of the MomMobile. What horrific ridiculousness was this! Continue reading


An Introduction to Athletics

So the boys have Hand, Mouth and Foot Disease (HMFD). Yay.

(Not to be confused with hoof-and-mouth disease – which afflicts well, animals with hooves.) I have been assured that HMFD is a common childhood virus of the coxsackievirus genre (capable of taking out an entire preschool class in a single afternoon).

HMFD. Making cherubic toddlers look like acned teenagers.

Aside from a severely cranky night-owl creating an up-all-night Zombie Dad, by this afternoon both boys were showing signs of going stir crazy in quarantine. It was a gorgeous spring day. The whole family could probably use some fresh air. Continue reading

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Feel (Find or Fear) the Teal

We’re a baseball family – bleeding Dodger blue and/or enjoying Green Collar baseball. (Different leagues. Don’t judge me.) But one of the muppets little friends had himself a San Jose Sharks hockey party today.

Now taking the ice: No. 2, Jackson Sawyer. Continue reading


Hockey: Soccer with Sticks?

I attended my very first hockey game last night – at the San Jose Shark Tank amid of sea of teal. I have never seen a hockey game before. Mostly, because it is not baseball.

For one of our very first dates, Jon and I got good seats to a baseball game. We sat through it in an almost reverent silence – there was no chatting/get to know you banter. Game was on!

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