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What I Did Over My Summer Vacation

Kauai 2013_007

For a week I wore no pants. My makeup was the slight burn of the sun turning to tan. My hair was dried by the air and styled by the salty sea breeze. We only went indoors to sleep.

But now, it has come time to return to reality. To a world of work and preschool, where pumpkin spice lattes replacing the sweet juices of pineapple and watermelon. Continue reading

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Two Tickets to Paradise – Friday: TURTLES

Either much to your dismay or relief – depending on you feel about these adventures, we have reached the final day in paradise. Tomorrow we will return you to your regularly scheduled muppet adventures.

Conversation that occurred Friday afternoon:
Jon: I just looked at the camera. There are only pictures of turtles.
Me: Have you met me? Continue reading


Two Tickets to Paradise – Thursday: Water

So far we’ve tackled air, earth and fire. So today – we took on the water. After applying copious amounts of sunscreen, we set off toward the harbor for a morning snorkel cruise. The boat traveled out to the Kealakekua Bay – home of the Captain Cook monument. (Did you know that stands on British soil?) Continue reading


Two Tickets to Paradise – Wednesday: Fire

Hawaii is amazing. The Big Island has every terrain thinkable – tropical paradise, Jurassic Park, Mars, desert chic, permafrost…and the list goes on and on. Today, we decided to step it up a notch and head beneath the surface. Continue reading

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Two Tickets to Paradise – Tuesday: Earth

I grew up in an equestrian center community. Many of our neighbors had stables in their backyards and you could walk to the arena where people housed and ran their stallions. When I was about 6 years old, my family went on vacation to Phoenix, Ariz. My mom and I got up bright and early to go on a horseback trail ride along the ridge. Continue reading

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Two Tickets to Paradise – Monday: Air

Did you miss me?

Thanks to an act of God, Jon and I were able to escape for a week. After a very long weekend spent celebrating the weekend of my brother and sister (heehee! I have a sister!) the four of us trooped down to the newlyweds house on Manhattan Beach and rested up for some trips to tropical paradise. Continue reading