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Monsters on the Wall


I heard moaning and the distinct floor creeks announcing the urgent pitter-patter of little feet racing toward me. When I blearily looked at the clock red fuzzy lines across my room, they formed somewhat of a 4 a.m. shape.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! I hafta go pee pee!!!” a potty-dancing Destroy whimpered. He darted into the bathroom and I waved him back to bed with a hug. I thought that was the end of that.

It wasn’t. Continue reading

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Hospital Clinic of Horrors


Just in time for Halloween, many people are search out the creepy and macabre. Fright fests and haunted houses – all for the quick thrill of an elevated heart rate while you try to catch your breath.

Forget the zombies, ghouls, goblins and ghosts; never mind the dilapidated abandoned asylum. Looking to traumatize your tiny people? Bring them on down to the recently renovated hospital on pediatric flu shot clinic day. Continue reading

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Not a Good Night

Red moon

It was a gorgeous afternoon. Soft white puffy clouds danced like animals on parade through the columns of sunshine that shone down upon the young children playing in the yard. A cool breeze rustled wisteria blooms and the scent of jasmine wafted through the air.

Search was counting hockey pucks, while Destroy fired his foam football across the yard. Our dogs chased after their humans with a desecrated tennis ball and hopes they could get in on the game of catch. It was the idyllic moment every parent dreams about – a loving family with laughter echoing from the walls of a suburban bungalow.

And then Destroy yawned. Continue reading

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To the Germs Presently Invading My Baby

It makes my heart hurt to see my little man lying next to me listlessly. Breath heavy, cheeks flushed. Those sad eyes only a child can wield.

It’s only a cold. It’s only the flu. It should break soon. He should feel better soon. It could be worse. Continue reading


Sick Muppets are Sad

Worst cold and flu season. Ever. To be continued from the Sunday Post – the muppets are sick again.

To be fair, this is only the second one they’ve endured. And that whole preemie thing put us mostly in isolation for the last one – minus the doctor visits for RSV shots and ER runs for the sniffles when Mommy panicked. So we don’t really have a HUGE comparison.

So, being the wild child(s) we are, we enrolled the muppets in daycare. Because nothing says maturity like a runny nose lasting five months. Straight. Continue reading


Abort Mission

Did you miss me?

I had every intention of writing a wonderfully witty diatribe for you last night, but alas – the lure of the cool tiles on the bathroom floor were too enticing. That, and writing would have required me to extract myself from the oh-so-comfortable fetal position I’d curled myself into. Continue reading