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Born to His Nickname

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How to Live Up to Your Nickname


Nana is the one who initially dubbed her expectant grandsons Search and Destroy. Destroy heard those words from within and declared, “Challenge accepted!”

On the final day of our Oregonian excursion, we were herding our horde of hamsters into the rented DadMobile when Jon’s eyes went wide. A gash was newly imprinted on the car next to us. Destroy was happily climbing into his car seat and buckling himself right in. Even when he’s behaving he seems to strive for destruction. Continue reading


Wordless Wednesday: Living up to a nickname


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Why Our Dogs Flunked Obedience School

Jon: Our dog ate an entire box of packing peanuts. Do I need to bring him in?

Vet: Packing peanuts?

Jon: Yes – those Styrofoamy twisty things they put in boxes to protect stuff. Continue reading