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Administrative Genius

I had a brilliant post to write today. In fact, I’ve got 10 witty posts lined up in my editorial calendar.

Then I read a brief article on BlogHer about what blogs need to be successful – Bloggy Guidelines for New Bloggers – and realized that I have no way for all you loyal readers to contact me.

Friends and family have my personal phone and email. Some of you visit this site by way of Facebook or Twitter, so you can just send me a note. But the Internet is allegedly a world wide place. I engaged in battle with the innards of my blog today. My sincere apologies for any of you who attempted to visit today and got a rather obnoxious database error message.

The good news? I solved coding problems with MySQL ALL. BY. MYSELF. For non-techies who have absolutely no idea what that means – just be all the more impressed. StreamDoubleTrouble is back up and running – at the expense of today’s muppet anecdote.

Do you have any questions or comments for the muppets or me? Am I missing any brilliant suggestions for post topics? Do you want to share the story of your own million dollar miracles?

Please email me. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. And, of course, we’re all here listening in the comments.