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Toddler Stream of Conscious

Stream of consciousness refers to the uninhibited flow of sense‐perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and memories within our minds. We all have an internal monologue that guides us through our days. (Mine is the narrator of a novel just begging to be written. Are you surprised?)

Toddlers allegedly have one as well. I’ve often wondered what it is they’re thinking – given the hamster wheel in their head has the attention span of an ADD goldfish. Continue reading


Imaginative Lives of Others

The muppets had energy oozing out of their pores. So we decided to go for a family hike.

Two hours. Two miles. But fear not future park patrons! Nary a rock remains on any part of the dirt trail we canvassed this afternoon. (Back at our homestead, our washing machine began quaking across the garage in anticipatory fear of the quarry bounty now stored in all the tiny pockets.) Continue reading