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Transition to Toddlerhood

My demarcation line between “baby” and “little boy” has always been toddlerhood. Toddlers are WAY bigger than babies. They’re like little people.

Well, look how far we’ve come from Tiny. This morning I found myself grunting as I heaved Destroy into his car seat – such typical mom behavior that I couldn’t even fathom a year ago. Last year, after the cause celebres arrived home, I could write a blog post with my laptop on my lap (shocking place for it, I know) and have Destroy lying on my chest – with no feelings of overcrowding or “don’t burn the baby with a hot electronic device.” Continue reading

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Babies First Haircut

The lady stared at the side-by-side double stroller for a good 30 seconds, making silly faces at the muppets. Suddenly she looked up. “You have two!” she exclaimed. Congratulations stranger lady, you can count. She resumed cooing. “Boy and a girl?” she asked casually.

Negative ghostwriter. Continue reading

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Hey, Dad… You wanna have a catch?


A Child’s Laughter


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