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How to Jump Start a Car


The hospital let me know that I was due for a blood draw. So bright and early Sunday morning (because I wasn’t foregoing breakfast a moment longer than needed) I pulled into the almost empty parking lot.

There was another car near the hospital’s front entrance. A woman was standing in front of her mid-90s green sedan – the hood wide open – looking frustrated and unhappy. I asked if she had help already as I hopped out of my own MomMobile. Continue reading

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Red Light, Green Light

We bought a new car today. And with a heavy heart, I said goodbye to my trusty 1998 Honda Accord.

Farewell Friend

Sadly, this new car process turned out to be an all day event (broken up by our visits to the boys, of course) so today’s originally scheduled blog post has been postponed until tomorrow. But don’t fret – now you also get to look forward to reading about the whole new car back-story.

PS. I now drive a 2011 white Honda Pilot. Yes, I’m an SUV mom now… In my defense, I do have two kids.



Today was an expensive day. I took my trusty 1998 Honda in for its 150,000-mile maintenance checkup. As the fixes started added up, I succumbed to the realization that my reliable (and sexy) silver Accord was nearing the end of days. Among the choruses of “I’ve been saying that for a while now” and choirs of “It’s about time” even I admitted that with our growing family – father, mother, twin brothers and two rambunctious labs – we’re going to need a bigger car.

I bemoaned this fact to my mother, lamenting that the poor little car is only 12 years old. She mentioned the longest lasting car she ever owned was a Nissan Maxima, which existed in our family for 13 years. I wouldn’t necessarily agree that the car “lasted” all those years . . . Continue reading